Thursday, October 21, 2010

CL Reflect

Hello students of ravenwood! We've had a good time so far at CL, but what have you enjoyed the most?
Here are some suggestions!

  1. The Creatures
  2. The New Spells
  3. The Places
  4. The Clothing
  5. The Mounts

Floating Land Bug Update :(

After visiting The Floating Land in CL constantly, it comes to my sad conclusion that KI has removed the Cyrus Drake bug! I still haven't been able to post pics but they are soon to come! Also a reminder to wizards who are new to the new schools:
  1. These cannot be primary
  2. These aren't attack spells, so don't just have sun, moon and star spells in your deck!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Astral Schools in CL!

Sun, moon and star have come to the spiral! Here are the details:

Moon: Moon is the polymorphing school! You remember how you can buy transformation elixirs at the crown shop? Moon takes this to the next level. Not only do you get the appearance of the creature you polymorph into, but you get a deck that the creature would get! 

Star: You casted a global, but the enemies use it too! DARN! You have a blade, but the enemy steals it! DARN! No more darns! Star school is all about auras. Auras are rings of magical energy that glow around you during a battle for a few rounds. What they do varies on the color. Some are for defense, while others are for precision or attacking. 

Sun: What's going on? Why isn't anyone casting sun spells? You see, you can't see sun spells, you experience them.  You know those spells like weakness, tough and their advanced versions? well, now they have a home! Or, a school, I guess. 

Remember, you have to be at least level 50 and have access to CL to learn these new spells. The school trainers are located in the CL Base camp. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celestia on beta!!!!

WOOT!!! Celestia was released on the test realm a few days ago!!! really cool so far, but challenging too. There are some quirky things, like in the floating land, there are multiple cyrus drakes, each with 5,000! Also, the level cap is now 60, and there are 3 new schools, sun, moon and star! Halloween has officially returned to the sprial! Enjoy CL and Happy Halloween! (more info on CL to come!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Upcoming Wizard101 Movie!

Hello everyone! Once again, my greatest apologies for being so long on making new posts.  Coming soon to YouTube is the new wizard101 movie directed by Sierra Thundershade, The Cold Shoulder, starring me, Sierra Thundershade, Hunter Blood, Tara Night and more! The movie hasn't come out yet but watch the inteview of me and Hunter Blood on an episode of The Sierra Talk Show on YouTube.Click here to watch the interview. Stay tuned for more information.

Monday, May 10, 2010

House Spotlight

It's time for House Spotlight where I critique the best wizard castles. Today's castle is the Life House, owned by Destiny Ashgiver, a level 36 Necromancer! She gave it flare flare and coziness with some class. I give it on a scale of 1-20, a.......................17! Pretty good! here are the pictures! cya next time on house spotlight!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Test Realm Opens

                                                                                   Greetings! Many apologies for not posting for so long.
      As you probably know, Kingsisle has opened the test realm to test the new Advanced Pet System and some new equipment. I love the new pet system. There is a bug in the test realm. Who here has seen a wizard as someone's pet? I have! They're actually dragons but look like wizards. I have a lot and are keeping them in my basement as slaves! LOL! Here are some pictures:
They are very cute as they walk in slow motion and occasionally dance.

In other words, I went to a party at Blaze Dragonheart's house.

It may have gone overboard a bit.

And finally I completed the Great Spyre and defeated Malistaire in the test realm.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Wizard Of The Week: Roslyn Skyhaven.

 Wizard of The Week

Q: What is your favorite spell?
A: Frost Giant

Q: Are you dating anyone on Wizard101? If so, who?
A: Belgrim

                                                  Q: What is your favorite world?
                                                  A: Mooshu

                                                  Q: What year did you start playing?
                                                  A: 2008

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I just looked at Ravenwood News when I was starting up the game, and it said that A NEW WORLD WAS COMING OUT!!!!!!! OMG! Celestia! According to Kingsisle officials, Celestia will be based on Atlantis, It will be underwater. This was partly given away when Kingsisle made an Olympic based picture with a Piggle in 1st with a banner around it saying Wizard City, a Mander standing in 2nd with a banner saying Krokotopia, and, a crab with a banner around it saying Celestia. Players will start getting quests for Celestia in June. And because there is a whole new world, the level cap is now 60! And, there will be a place where you can hatch special new pets called The Hatchery (original, huh?). These new pets can help you in battle, level up, and more...

   Get ready wizards!

Depression: It can hurt

I recently found out at school that my friend James Dune will probably never play wizard101 again.
Of course, I still have a lot of other friends, but we were BEST FRIENDS SINCE 1ST GRADE!!!!  *cries* I think that I will still be able to survive.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


sup wizrads! (i love saying wizrad and not wizard) a couple weeks ago my friend Sierra Thundershade took me to her friends house (Chris something-or-other) and he had this really weird brazier outside. he stood in a certain spot, put the brazier on him. if you ported to him, you would turn INVISIBLE!!!! so you would be a loose horse or broom flying around. "oh look! it's a stray pair of seraph wings!" or a pet. I will get a picture soon. stay magical!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scamming: what's the point?

day after day after day after day after day i see someone say "HEY BUDDY! I'LL GIFT YOU A MOUNT IF YOU GIVE ME YOUR TREASURE CARDS!!"  wow. that says hahaha you loser ALL over it. 1st, you can't "trade" crowns for cards. and 2nd, as said by profeeosr greyrose herself on the wizard101 website, "if it looks too good to be true, it IS too good to be true" i'll tell you one thing, It is a great way to lose friends. REMEMBER!!!!!! if you see someone who is saying that, REPORT THEM. they will get banned.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trickery: it is SO sweet.

Yesterday, my friend James Dune and I put on a "show". I had made a girl character named Julia Frost, and we did this little skit in the commons. a few friends helped out.

   Julia: You were going out with HER?
   James: No! No! I can explain...
   Julia: How could you do this to an innocent girl like me?
   James: Oh shut up!
   Julia: x cries x
   James: It's over! 
   Julia: Fine!
   James: Fine!

 later, to add to the effect, James wen to a party with the people who saw the event. later i poofed in as julia and threw a horrible fit.  What a laugh!