Saturday, April 3, 2010


I just looked at Ravenwood News when I was starting up the game, and it said that A NEW WORLD WAS COMING OUT!!!!!!! OMG! Celestia! According to Kingsisle officials, Celestia will be based on Atlantis, It will be underwater. This was partly given away when Kingsisle made an Olympic based picture with a Piggle in 1st with a banner around it saying Wizard City, a Mander standing in 2nd with a banner saying Krokotopia, and, a crab with a banner around it saying Celestia. Players will start getting quests for Celestia in June. And because there is a whole new world, the level cap is now 60! And, there will be a place where you can hatch special new pets called The Hatchery (original, huh?). These new pets can help you in battle, level up, and more...

   Get ready wizards!

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